General Guardian Match Format

Traditional Guardian matches follow a modest tempo match with minimal breaks between stages. The course of fire often cover disciplines from across law enforcement, military and practical marksman spectrums. Event capacity varies per location, but fill up very quickly!


The competition format varies based on the host facility, but usually require anywhere from 80 to 250 rounds to complete several stages over a single day or multiple days. The course is caliber restricted to 300 Win Mag and below to preserve the steel targets. See examples below of what our matches are like.


Competitors can expect to engage targets at known distances from 100 to 1000 yards. Host locations often allow rangefinders and any equipment you can safely utilize. Target size will vary in difficulty based on the shooter's position, distance, and time allotted. Shooters often have 90 seconds to engage a target. Most stages will include “stressors”-- either time and/or short movements to the shooting stage area.

Sample Course of Fire

Below is a link to download a Sample Course of Fire. This is provided to give prospective shooters an idea of the course of fire. Please note, that registered shooters will receive the actual course of fire for that particular match. Exact distances will often be revealed the day of the match. Download Sample Course of Fire.