Guardian Scholarship for Non-Profit Organizations

The Guardian Long Range Competition is committed to furthering our mission through non-profit organizations that are local to where we have our events around the country. Impacting local families and children is a key focus for the Guardian.


If your non-profit organization is interested in receiving up to a $10,000 scholarship, please complete the application below.


Upon completing the application, our volunteer team will review it, and will let you know at least 30 days before the event, if you’ve been awarded. The scholarship will be awarded at a ceremony during the match, so each applicant will need to have a representative present to accept the award.


Below are the locations and deadlines for submitting scholarships for your organization. Thanks in advance for your interest in this creative ministry!

  • Peoria, Arizona: 2/29/20

  • Warrenton, North Carolina: 3/7/20

  • Hot Springs, South Dakota: 4/10/20

  • Blakely, Georgia: 5/20/20

  • Baker, Florida: 6/13/20

  • Hot Springs, Michigan: 6/20/20

  • Bloomfield, New Mexico: 7/4/20

  • Barnwell, South Carolina: 10/23/20