Application for Youth Sponsorship

For several matches this year, we will be offering a sponsored slot to a youth shooter. This ties into our mission of focusing on youth, and helping grow the sport. If selected, the youth shooter will receive a free registration, custom Guardian rifle to use during the match, ammunition (200 rds Prime Ammo) and a Guardian t-shirt. If you are interested in applying please fill out the information below. Application deadlines area as follows: 
  • Arizona: 2/29/20
  • North Carolina: 3/7/20
  • South Dakota: 4/10/20
  • Florida: 6/13/20
  • Michigan: 6/20/20
  • New Mexico: 7/4/20
*For the team matches in Georgia & South Carolina, we will be identifying experienced female shooters to offer a similar scholarship to.
If selected, you will be notified 10 days after the deadline. Selected shooters are responsible for their travel & lodging and MUST have a legal guardian or parent present during the entire match. 
We are excited to offer this opportunity to youth and look forward to continuing to invest in the youth.
Which match(es) are you applying for? (Note: You can only be selected to participate in 1.)